Valheim: Where to find money?

Money is probably the most useful resource, but the hardest to find. If you don't know how, you've come to the right place. As we progress through Valheim, we discover new resources. After bronze and iron, it's the turn of money, which will be especially important for creating various things. We tell you how to get your hands on the resource.

Find money in Valheim

First of all, you should know that you will have to overcome the third boss of the game, Masse d'Ones, which is in the swamps. When you defeat him, he will drop his trophy, but also a special item, the Wishbone, which will become a true ally throughout your adventure. 

This is similar to a metal detector and will tell you when you are near buried treasure, ora vein of silver, provided you have activated it. To do this, just right click on it, like for the equipment or the belt of Megingjord. Once active, if you wish find money, you have to go to the mountain biome, since you will only find it here.

On the spot, while strolling, you will notice that your body, or rather the wishbone emits signals. You will therefore have to look for the signal source, which will be a vein of silver, which we find by digging. The hardest part here will be knowing when we are above the resource ofmoney, since following the signal isn't the easiest thing in Valheim. You will know that you are more or less in the right place when the rhythm of the pulsations is much faster than at the beginning.

By digging, you will eventually come across these famous veins of silver. Do not hesitate to abuse the draw to be sure that all the money has been recovered. However, an iron pickaxe is required to collect the resource. It is advisable to take several pickaxes, to avoid going back and forth if you are alone. Finally, like all other ores, it is not possible to teleport it.

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