Valheim: The merchant, where to find him?

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The merchant in Valheim is an NPC who can give you many bonuses. Find out how to find it and all the information you need to know in our article. Most artificial intelligences Valheim are real dangers for you, be it trolls, skeletons or even greylings. Haldor the Merchant is one of the few NPCs who will not harm you, quite the contrary. The latter can be of great help to you and will also be able to thank you if you bring him certain resources. Unfortunately, this merchant is quite discreet and it will often be necessary to travel to meet him.

Where to find the merchant in Valheim?

The world of Valheim being procedurally generated, it is impossible to tell you where to meet the merchant every time. Some may find it quite easily, by serendipity, while others will take several hours to bargain with Haldor.

However, if you want to maximize your chances of finding the merchant, be aware that he is always in a dark forest. So you have to search in these places to find him. What's more, know that when you get close to him, a stock market symbol will be visible on your card. All you have to do is approach. Positive point, a protective bubble surrounds him, which prevents enemies from attacking you when you are with him.

When you know where the merchant is, we advise you to build a portal connecting it to one of your bases, in order to facilitate the comings and goings.

Merchant catalog

At the time of this writing, the merchant offers seven unique items, which will be of great help to you.
  • christmas hat (100 Piastres) → Simple skin with Christmas colors.
  • Diadème de Dverger (620 Piastres) → A helmet that allows you to light up in front of you, particularly useful at night.
  • megingjord (950 Piastres) → Allows you to increase the storage capacity by 150, bringing it to 450. An object to prioritize, especially if you are playing alone.
  • Chair d'Ymir (120 Piastres) → Element used to craft certain parts.
  • Fishing rod (350 Piastres) → Allows you to fish and eat fish.
  • fishing bait (10 Piastres) → Compulsory to fish.
  • Thunderstone (50 Piastres) → Used to craft the Obliterator.

As you will have understood, most of the elements will make your life easier, in particular the Megingjord, although its price is not the most affordable. To earn Piastres, you can search chests in the world of Valheim, but also kill trolls, which can be found in the black forests. The merchant will also give you some in exchange for certain items that you bring back to him. If you want more information about Valheim or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players.
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