Valheim: Hearts of Surtling, where and how to find them?

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You will need many hearts of Surtling during your adventure in Valheim. We explain how and where to find them easily. As you have probably already noticed, you will collect many resources during your adventures in the world of Valheim. However, some are rarer than others. This is particularly the case of surtling hearts, which can only be picked up in specific locations. The first time you'll come across it, and need it, will most likely be after defeating the first boss, Eikthyr.

Where to find Surtling Hearts in Valheim?

To recover this precious resource, which is mandatory for building a teleportation portal or, more importantly, the coal kiln and the foundry, you will have to go to the black forest. While strolling between the fir trees, sources of coppers and the few threats of the biome such as the trolls, you should come across tombs (see the image below), in which you will have to enter.

However, beware. Although it is not complicated to overcome the dangers that are inside, we still advise you to be well equipped, whether in weapons or food, to avoid dying and having to redo the road. . 

Once the threats have been defeated and as you discover the interior of this dungeon, you will find, on the ground or in chests in particular, various types of resources. Whether it's piastres for the merchant, items for sale or yellow mushrooms (which we advise you to harvest), there will be many things. But we also find Surtling Hearts, red and black cubes, which must be collected. They are rare and we consume them quite quickly.

It is important to note that once a dungeon is completed, resources no longer spawn. It will then be necessary explore other Dark Forests if you need more Surtling Cores. If you want more information about Valheim or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players.
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