Valheim: How to increase poison resistance?

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To overcome certain enemies easily, you will have to resist the poison well. If you don't know how, you've come to the right place. As you must have noticed, in Valheim we are dealing with several types of enemies, but the most annoying are undoubtedly the "Enemy Blop" and all their clique with their poison. Since swamps are a biome where regeneration of life and stamina can quickly become a problem, these critters will very quickly give us a hard time with their poison, which we find in other creatures as well, but to a lesser degree raised.

If you are unable to counter this damage, know that it is possible to lessen it, which will make your life easier.

How to increase poison resistance in Valheim?

Indeed, as if to face the cold of the mountains, you will be able to try to resist the poison of some of your enemies a little better, and in particular Masse d'Ones, the third boss, which is particularly difficult.

Above all, you will have to show your foresight, by making a large number of potions, whatever they are, beforehand. Here, therefore, it is poison control potion, based on mead which interests us. However, it is not easy to do, since you must have found several resources beforehand, some of which are quite rare, especially since it takes several days to ferment.

Here is the list of ingredients for Craft Poison Resistance Mead, via the cauldron:
  • 10 honeys
  • 5 thistles (which we find in the black forest)
  • 1 queue de Nixe
  • 10 coals
Although the potion drastically reduces poison damage on you for ten minutes, we always advise you to have a large stock, especially in view of fighting the third boss. Note that you are also going to have to craft a fermenter so that thepoison resistance mead can be used.

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