Valheim: How to recover viscosity?

Unlike some resources, stickiness isn't necessarily easy to harvest. We explain how to do it in our guide. When you walk through the swamps, you may be attracted by its trees which have green areas. it's about the viscosity, which will be very useful for crafting certain things.

How to recover the viscosity?

You will need it for example to create torches or banners, but especially for Craft yourself the finest bow in Valheim, the Fang of Draugr. Know first of all that you will need a pickaxe, and that you will have to hit the green zone in order to recover it. However, the resource is often far too high and the pickaxe cannot reach it. If you attempt to fell the tree, you will also find that the stickiness wears off and cannot be harvested.

You will actually have to make a workbench and a ladder nearby, to reach this famous area. However, be sure to get rid of nearby creatures, which could cause you concern by destroying your ladder and attacking you. Once the technique is known, viscosity is relatively easy to recover. We advise you to make a good stock of it, since the single bow will require 10 units.

With luck, you might come across a stickiness block at the bottom of a tree, so keep your eyes open when walking through the swamps.

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