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Iron is one of the most useful resources in Valheim. We explain how to find them in our special guide. After a few dozen hours of play, depending on how you play, you're going to need fer to evolve, in particular to create the Drakkar, the best boat in Valheim today. Unlike wood or stone, the fer is not found as it is in nature and must be forged, as to obtain bronze, for example. 

Where to find iron in Valheim?

To find iron, you are required to have defeated the second boss of the game, the Elder. You will find its location via the Runestones in the Black Forests and will need three Ancient Seeds to summon it, which must be placed on its altar. Once defeated, the boss will leave behind keys, in addition to his trophy. Keep these keys carefully, since they will be very useful to you later.

You will then have to look for a swamp, if you do not already have one on hand. When you go there, take a good amount of food, since this biome is one of the most dangerous in Valheim and the threats are very real. In it, you will have to find a dungeon, which is materialized by two green torches at its entrance. You will be able to enter it thanks to the keys collected upstream.

Inside, in addition to the enemies, you will find many new resources to advance in your adventure, including scrap metal, ore that interests us to obtain iron. In fact, it will take melt in the foundry to get iron, which will allow you to unlock even more constructions, including the famous stone constructions and the stonemason's workbench.

We advise you to collect as much scrap as possible, since iron is very useful, but unfortunately leaves very quickly... If you wish to have more information on Valheim or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players.
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