Valheim: Obsidian, where to find it?

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Below we explain where to find obsidian in Valheim, a resource necessary to raise the workbench to level 5. You must know it, in Valheim, you will unlock resources each time you advance in the story, but also as you discover new biomes. Some are more important than others, such asobsidian, which allows you, among other things, to upgrade your workbench to level five, in order to craft new things, but also to improve your troll skin equipment.

Finding Obisdian in Valheim

Before you rush in search ofobsidian, you should know that an iron pickaxe is mandatory (we tell you how to get iron here), in which case your obsidian blocks will not break. You also need to be equipped with anti-frost potions (via the cauldron), to avoid taking too much damage, since you have to go to the frozen mountain (although this point is optional). Also, be sure to be well equipped, as you have a high chance of being attacked by wolves or drakes. A bronze sword and shield are strongly recommended.

A little advice too: do not hesitate to create a portal at the foot of the mountain, or to make yourself a bed, so as not to have to travel from your base if ever the wolves or the cold get the better of you.

On site, you will therefore have to look for obsidian blocks, which are quite similar to the small rocks that are present in the mountain biome. These latter are, however, a bit shinier and bigger than traditional rocks. What's more, a message telling you that it isobsidian will appear when you are close, so as not to be mistaken, as for copper or tin. All you have to do is equip your iron pickaxe and harvest the ore.

If the level 5 workbench only requires 4 units ofobsidian, as always, we advise you to take more, to avoid unnecessary trips. If you want more information about Valheim or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players.
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