Valheim: Crystal battleaxe (Crystal Battleaxe) how to get it?

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The Crystal Battleaxe, or Crystal Battleaxe in English, is a brand new ax available in Valheim. We explain how to unlock and craft it. Unsurprisingly, the Hearth & Home update added its share of new features in Valheim, some of which may be useful. This is the case of the crystal battle ax, new craftable object in the survival game. The fact that it is made of crystal could make it one of the most prized, although its stats may not match all types of players.

How to craft the Crystal Battle Ax in Valheim?

To get this aitch, you are going to have to have a nice little harvest of silver, but also of old bark, which we find in the swamps. You will have understood it with its name, crystal is also necessary. The latter is only obtained by defeating a stone golem, which lives in the mountains.

Here is a breakdown of all the resources needed to craft the Crystal Battle Axe:
  • 40 x ancient bark
  • 30x silver
  • 10x glass
It is also important to clarify that you will not unlock the item and the recipe, even if you have all the items, if your forge is not at level 3. If you already have a fairly advanced world, this should be the case. Otherwise, you will have to wait a little longer and improve the forge as much as necessary.

About the aitch, it has a fairly long usage time and consumes a lot of stamina. However, it inflicts interesting damage, whether for combat or tree cutting, although this is not its primary use. You can see the statistics below. crystal battle ax at level 1.

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