Valheim: Cartography table, how to make it?

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The Cartography Table is a new craftable item in Valheim. We explain how to make it and what it can be used for. Unsurprisingly, the Hearth & Home update added its share of new features in Valheim, some of which may be useful. This is the case of the mapping table, which can help you mark known places, as the name suggests. It will be a great help for some players.

How to craft the cartography table in Valheim?

La mapping table is in no way a complicated object to manufacture. You will be able to do this after a few hours of play, since the most "difficult" element to recover is the bronze. You can place it on your camp, wherever you want. Here is the full list of materials needed to craft the mapping table :
  • 10 x Precious Woods (obtainable from Birch Trees).
  • 10 x fragments d'os.
  • 2x bronze.
  • 5 x leather scraps.
  • 4 x raspberries
Naturally, you need a crafting table nearby, like almost every item that can be crafted in Valheim.

What is the mapping table used for?

The latter will not be useful for all players. If you're playing alone and no one ever comes into your world, then you have no reason to craft it except to decorate.

However, for those playing in groups, the cartography table could help you, since the players have the possibility, with it, to share their discovery of the world. It could not be easier. Just go to the left side of the table and record your findings. To see the progress of other players or what has already been saved, just click on the table itself. You will then see the points that your friends have seen during their exploration.

Valheim remains available on PC, via Steam. If you want more information about Valheim or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players.
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