Valheim: Capture & Tame Wolves

In Valheim, it is possible to tame wolves and breed them. However, the task is not the easiest. If you want to raise some, we explain the procedure to follow. There are many possibilities for our survival in Valheim. Among them, we find for example the breeding of animals, which is not so simple at the beginning, but once the machine is launched, it will be of great help to you and will save you precious time. , especially with certain species. 

Capture and tame wolves in Valheim

Here, the task will be a little more difficult than for boars for several reasons: wolves are found in biomes often far from our bases and they are also more dangerous. It is therefore advisable to be several, but also to have good protection, to avoid dying along the way.

Before heading to the Snow Mountain biome (tips for surviving it here), since this is where we find Wolves, you will have to build an enclosure, and not just anyhow. Indeed, it must be made of stone and high enough to prevent these fearsome creatures from jumping over and devouring you inside your base. Once it is up, go in search of wolves.

We advise you to create an intermediate enclosure if ever the snowy mountain is far from your base, and to bring the wolf back once tamed.

Either way, you're going to have to make sure the wolf chases you between its habitat and the enclosure, which can be particularly dangerous, but don't worry, it's totally doable. Once he is inside, you will have to feed him so that he is completely tamed (you can follow the evolution by approaching him thanks to the percentage that appears). Note that the wolf only eats raw meat.

Your tamed wolf can then follow you on your journeys, and even defend you.

Reproduction of wolves

Breeding wolves can be quite interesting, especially to harvest their resources without having to constantly hunt them. For this, you will have to create a large enough enclosure and put two to three wolves (tamed) in it and feed them every day. You should normally welcome new faces quite often. If you want more information about Valheim or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players.
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