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This section of the Guide Fallout 4 is devoted to the secondary quest "The Devil's Share". You come into possession of a Flayer Egg. Will you sell him for your profit or bring him back to his mother?

Activation: Holobande du soldier Hart

Status: None

Awards: See below


Go to the Museum of Witchcraft located far north of Boston and search the corpse of Private Hart to find a holotape (pictures1-2). Read this item from your Pip-boy to activate the quest.

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Once this is done, enter the museum through the hatch located near the corpse (picture3), then begin your exploration of the premises. When you reach the museum floor, you will come across a Flayer, to kill it without too much risk, go back to the corridor to block it and throw everything you have at it (picture4).

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At the end of the confrontation, head towards the objective marker and retrieve the holotape and the Flayer Egg on the ground (pictures5-6). From there, you have several choices to complete this mission.

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Deliver Flayer's Egg to Wellingham (508Xp + 200 caps + Wellingham recipe)

If you decide to deliver the egg, go to Diamond City and speak with Wellingham (pictures7-8). By offering him the egg, you will obtain 200 caps as well as Wellingham's recipe which will allow you to prepare your own Flayer's omelettes.

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Return the egg to its mother (508xp + Flayer's Claws)

If you want to return the egg to its mother, head to the small town of Lynn Woods, to the north, then follow the quest marker to find the nest (picture9). There, a Flayer will appear but will not attack you, so go put the egg back in its place in the nest without forgetting to recover the unique weapon Flayer's Claws which is right next to it (picture10).

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Alternative procedure: If you placed the egg back in the nest, you can retrieve it and bring it back to Wellingham after the quest is complete. You will first have to eliminate the Flayer who is near the nest.

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