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This part of the Guide Fallout 4 is devoted to the quest for the "Dissidence" Institute. two researchers from the biosciences section have barricaded themselves behind security doors, you are in charge of defusing the situation.

Activation: Automatic

Condition: Complete the quest "Humanity Redefined"

Rewards: 260Xp + various drugs


Head to the bioscience laboratories to activate this quest, then talk to Newton to receive new objectives (picture1). Under the terms of the dialogue with the latter, enter the corridor on the right and eliminate the synthetics in the next room. Then continue your progress to the observation room (picture2).

1 picture

2 picture

From there, talk with Laurence and use your persuasion to convince him to solve the problem without violence (picture3). This last action allows you to complete the quest much faster, if you are unable to do so, use the nearby terminal and insert Newton鈥檚 holotape to deactivate the turrets and open the door (picture4).

3 picture

4 picture

Now enter the laboratory and eliminate the synthetics, then go talk to the two researchers so that they immediately agree to join the ranks (picture5). Therefore, return to Newton, you will then have to decide the fate of the two men. Choosing to keep them under surveillance will satisfy everyone, especially X6-88 (picture6).

5 picture

6 picture

Alternative sequences:

- Free the gorillas and let them kill the researchers

- Kill the two men and unlock the lab door yourself using the password found on the corpse of one of them


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