Tadpole Badge: Herpetology

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On this page of the fallout 76 walkthrough, we will focus on challenge du Tadpole Badge: Herpetology.

Pass the "Herpetology" exam
Correctly answer the five questions concerning Herpetology by using a terminal in the Pioneer Camp (pictures1,2and3).

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2 picture

3 picture

Make a frog terrarium
Craft this object using a chemistry workbench (pictures4and5). La Sanguine is found on the banks of the rivers in the forest region.

4 picture

5 picture

Take a picture of a lophius
You regularly find Lophius in the Winding Shoals (pictures6and7).

6 picture

7 picture

Take a photo of a flayer
Go to the island of flayers (pictures8and9).

8 picture

9 picture

Take a picture of a frog
Frogs often roam near the Morgantown train station (pictures10and11).

10 picture

11 picture

Take a picture of a gobbler
Explore the Mouth of the Wolf to find gobblers (pictures12and13).

12 picture

13 picture

Take a photo of a mud crab / a mud hunter / a mud king / a mud queen
All of these creatures can be found during the Suitors’ Banquet event (picture14). Generally speaking, you find several of these creatures in the lake near Pioneer Camp.

14 picture

Take a photo of a radtoad
Radtoads often appear in the Dabney Estate (pictures15and16).

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