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In this part of the solution Fallout 76 Wastelanders, we will focus on the course of the main quest Unity is strength.

You must now help Duchess find her men. Open your inventory, go to “Radio” and listen to the “Transmitter Signal” (picture1).

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Now go east of Slocum’s Joe and south of the Gauley mine (picture2). Explore the area to find charred corpses and search them to retrieve the “Gauley Mine Production Log” (pictures3and4).

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Then enter the Gauley mine (picture5). Follow the long tunnel until you reach Sol (picture6). Give him a stimpak and exhaust all topics of conversation.

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Follow the nearby gallery and speak with Polly’s head (pictures7and8).

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After the discussion, eliminate all the Scorched (picture9). Now go back to Le Rétif bar to report to Duchess (pictures10and11).

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Equip yourself with Polly’s head and place it on the brandy canister (pictures12and13).

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Your next goal is to find a new body for Polly. Go to Summersville and enter the Duncan & Duncan Robotics store (pictures14,15and16).

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You can choose between three different robots: a Protectron, a Mister Handy or a Laserotron.

1- Choose the Protectron
If you want to give Polly a Protectron body, go through the door behind the Skinner robot and pick the next door (pictures17,18and19).

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19 picture

Examine the robot in the center of the room and place the transmitter on it (pictures20and21).

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2- Choose the Mister Handy
If you opt for a Mister Handy, take the key from the shelf in the room behind the Skinner robot (picture22), climb the stairs and open the door (picture23). You can also speak with the Skinner robot and force him to give you access to the showroom upstairs (picture24).

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23 picture

24 picture

Once at the top, go through the hole in the wall to reach the attic (picture25). Cross the attic and attach the transmitter to the Mister Handy (pictures26and27).

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26 picture

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3- Choose the Laserotron
Finally, if you want to find a Laserotron, open the door near Mister Handy’s showroom (picture28). Simply attach the transmitter to the Laserotron chassis in the room (pictures29and30).

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29 picture

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In any case, return to the Rétif to speak with Duchess, then with Polly to end this main quest.

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