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Developed by Black Isles Studios and published by Interplay, Fallout 2 was released in 1998, barely a year after the first game. The events of this title take place several years after the first, still on the West Coast of the United States, devastated by a nuclear war. You play as a member of a tribe of Arroyo, founded by your ancestor, the inhabitant of Vault 13, who was the hero of Fallout. Your village is dying and your only chance to save it is to find a Garden of Eden Kit or GECK, a device that can change the desert into a corner of paradise. But the desert is a hostile place, and your quest will bring you close to death at every turn.

To help you cross this desert and radioactive expanse, Forealplayers offers you the survivor's guide for Fallout 2. In these pages, you will find advice on the creation of your character, the complete path with the detail of each place and each quest , a list of NPCs who can lend you a hand, how to get the car to make your travels faster, a list of random encounters, and finally, a little overview of the things you can do after you finish the game. So grab some Rad-X and check your guns, it's time to take on that wasteland!

  • Character creation

  • Pathway

    • The Temple of Trials
    • Stream
    • Klamath
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  • recruitable characters

  • Get and upgrade the car

  • Random Encounters

  • After the Enclave

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