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In this part of our solution for Fallout 4, we will reveal the location and effects of the magazines Science Tesla. For each magazine of that type picked up, you deal 5% more Critical Damage with Energy Weapons permanently. The numbers next to the magazine names correspond to the time on the video.

Science Tesla magazines on video:

- Science Tesla n°1 (00:08) :
Location: ArcJet Systems, northwest of Diamond City (picture1). In a room on the first floor (picture2).

1 picture

2 picture

- Science Tesla n°2 (00:52) :
Location: Mahkra Fishpacking, in the northeast part of the Commonwealth (picture3). Take the lift to descend to the lowest level. The magazine is in a room at the back, next to an open fridge (picture4).

3 picture

4 picture

- Science Tesla n°3 (02:22) :
Location: Marina Reeb, in the northeast part of the Commonwealth (picture5). On the table in the room where robots wish you a happy birthday before trying to kill you (picture6).

5 picture

6 picture

- Science Tesla n°4 (02:50) :
Location: Rocky cave (picture7). On the lying fridge (picture8).

7 picture

8 picture

- Science Tesla n°5 (03:14) :
Location: Poseidon Energy (picture9). On a metal desk at the footbridges, where you fight the local boss (picture10).

9 picture

10 picture

- Science Tesla n°6 (03:36) :
Location: HalluciGen, Inc. (picture11). On the cabinet on the first floor, in the Northeast office (picture12).

11 picture

12 picture

- Science Tesla n°7 (04:12) :
Location: Mass Fusion building (picture13). On the top floors of the building, on the computers in the southeast part (picture14).

13 picture

14 picture

- Science Tesla n°8 (04:44) :
Location: General Atomics factory (picture15). On the metal desk on the top floor (picture16).

15 picture

16 picture

- Science Tesla n°9 (05:13) :
Location: University Point (picture17), more exactly in the Sedwick Pavilion. On the coffee table on the top floor (picture18).

17 picture

18 picture

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