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Find out how to start and complete the quest Excavator by following this page Fallout 76 Walkthrough.

The Backhoe quest is very interesting because it allows you to obtain a large amount of minerals very easily. To start this quest, you must first capture the Mount Blair workshop (pictures1and2).

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2 picture

Then enter the control room of the Giant Excavator and use the Rockhound terminal n掳6 (pictures3and4): select the first line concerning the reactors.

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4 picture

In the corridor not far from the terminal is a handyman workbench (picture5). Use the workbench to craft 4 Combustion Cores (picture6).

5 picture

6 picture

Then place the 4 cores in the 4 combustion core interfaces around the Excavator (pictures7and8).

7 picture

8 picture

Return to the control room and press the red button (picture9). The Giant Excavator starts. Reach the top of the excavator (picture10), then collect the ores in the extractor (picture11). You can stay here until the countdown ends and collect new materials regularly.

9 picture

10 picture

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