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Soluce Fallout New Vegas

Long live New Vegas! The great city of vice and sin in an apocalyptic revival style is making its call heard. Everything is thought out to the delight of players, gamblers and other revelers from the devastated lands. Casinos and Russian roulette, luxury hotels and prostitutes, arms dealers and dream dealers: all have gathered in New Vegas for you and only for you! So don't wait any longer and brave the thousand dangers of the desert to finally take advantage of what America can best offer to a man since the ancients pressed the red button of the apocalypse!

But the road is long to reach the city of daydreams and you will have to use all your skills to hope to survive the journey... or simply consult this Vault-Tech guide entirely dedicated to Fallout New Vegas and its secrets! From main quests to secondary quests, including collecting snow globes and star capsules, nothing will escape you. Maybe you'll become a real hero then, or maybe the worst rot the west has ever known. No matter, at Vault-Tech, we don't judge and in New Vegas, everyone has their place!

  • History

    • Independent
    • RNC
    • Mr House
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  • Side quests

    • Goodsprings
    • Mojave Outpost
    • Nipton
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  • Collection

    • snow globes
    • Sarsaparilla star capsules
    • Unique weapons and armor
  • Cartography

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