Diamond City Blues

This section of the Guide Fallout 4 is devoted to the secondary quest "Diamond City Blues". Paul Pembroke asks you for help to solve a small marital problem which opposes him to a certain Henry Cooke.

Activation : Paul Pembroke

Status: None

Awards: See below

Related quests: “DCB: The Latimer Situation”, “DCB: The Marowski Case”, “DCB: The Collette Case”, “DCB: The Darcy Case” and “DCB: The Marowksi Robbery Case”.


In Diamond City, head to the Colonial Club from the bleachers to watch a domestic scene between Paul, Darcy and Henry Cooke (picture1). At the end of this event, talk with Henry and Darcy, at this time, consider paying Darcy a round to be able to trigger another event a little later (picture2).

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Then get out of the bar and go to Paul’s house which is near Nick’s office, over there, talk to Paul and agree to help him to activate the quest (picture3). You will then have to follow Paul to Henry’s bar in order to support him during his confrontation (picture4). From there, you have several options to complete this quest.

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Avoid a bloodbath and rob the dealers with Paul and Henry (496Xp + 838caps)

In the bar, support Paul and then use your persuasion skills to avoid a confrontation between the two men (picture5). From then on, Henry will offer you an arrangement likely to satisfy everyone, accept his proposal to receive new objectives (picture6).

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So get out of the bar and follow your companions to the meeting place, over there, approach the thugs and start the fight (picture7). At the end of the battle, recover the money from the body of Nelson Latimer and then discuss with Trish (picture8).

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During this dialogue, use your persuasion so that she agrees to reveal the location of the clandestine lab as well as the secret code that will allow you to enter it (picture9). Note that at the end of the dialogue, Cooke will kill Trish, even if you had decided to leave her alive (picture10).

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At the end of this sequence, talk to Paul and share the loot, he will take the drugs but will leave you all of Latimer’s caps (picture11). Before leaving for your new objective, remember to retrieve Trish’s note from her corpse in case you have not managed to convince her to give you the secret lab code (picture12).

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Once there, eliminate the ghouls prowling around, you will then need to access the secret lab. If Trish gave you the code, just climb on the roof of the building and use the terminal to open the secret door (picture13). In case you do not have the password, consult Trish’s note from your inventory to find out in which order to activate the laser sensors (picture14).

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This operation accomplished, enter the lab and kill all of Marowksi’s men to complete the quest, you can then recover the drugs that are everywhere in the lab (pictures15-16).

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This version of the quest then allows you to activate the missions “DCB: The Latimer Situation” and “DCB: The Collette Affair”.


Help Paul kill Cooke then rob the dealers (496Xp + 838caps + various drugs)

During the confrontation in the bar, attack Cooke with Paul and kill him (picture17). After the confrontation, search his corpse to retrieve the note, then read it from your inventory to receive new objectives (picture18).

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From there, you can ask Paul to accompany you for the robbery, you are not at all obliged to do so, especially since if you go alone you can recover the money AND the drug. Anyway, now go to the place of the deal and kill everyone (picture19). After the fight, interrogate Trish and extract information from her before letting her go (picture20).

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Then you just have to repeat the operation explained in the previous part to enter the secret lab and complete the quest. This version of the mission allows you to then activate the quests "DCB: The Latimer Situation", "DCB: The Marowski Case" (if you left Trish alive) and "DCB: The Collette Case".


Don't help Paul and let Cooke kill him (496Xp + 838caps + various drugs)

During the confrontation in the bar, tell Cooke that you are not with Paul and then wait for Henry to kill Paul with his gun (picture21). He will then offer to accompany him to rob the dealers, so you can resume the course of the mission as explained previously (picture22).

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This version of the mission unlocks the quests 'DCB: The Latimer Situation', 'DCB: The Collette Case', 'DCB: The Darcy Case' and 'The Marowski Heist Case'.

Now refer to the various quests of the guide Fallout 4 that result from your choices in this mission to bring a definitive conclusion to these events.

Alternative sequences:

- During the confrontation in the bar, let Cooke kill Paul before eliminating him in turn.

- When splitting the loot, threaten Paul Pembroke so you can get the money and the drugs.

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