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Complete Fallout 3 Walkthrough: In a universe ravaged by nuclear war, Man tries to survive between criminals, mutant creatures and bloodthirsty monsters. Out of the darkness of an anti-atomic shelter to find his father, the hero will have to unravel the secret that surrounds the desolate lands of the great capital. This fate, however fatal, is yours....

Nevertheless, if the ionizing radiation begins to melt your brain, Forealplayers' super Vault Tec suit awaits you to brave the arid wastes of difficulty. Grab your Geiger counter and dive into the radioactive vastness of our complete Fallout 3 walkthrough!


Remember to rob each of your victims. The smallest piece of equipment can be considered a treasure.

Ammo is extremely scarce, so be sure to use your VATS aiming skills to the max.

During a fight, prefer finesse to bourrinage, Fallout 3 is not an FPS! So always try to find cover and give your VATS time to recharge in AP. In this way, the enemy will be caught out by your skill and will die much more easily. The height of happiness, this act will save a lot of bullets.

During a long walk, consider taking slight detours to discover areas on your dog. Thus, it will be possible to teleport there later if a quest requires it. A significant time saver.

Save very often in different locations in order to go back if something seems inevitable.

Do not hesitate, when you can teleport, to collect all the materials on your victims to return to town to resell them.

In the Fallout universe, every corner can be a treasure chest. So constantly check furniture, junk boxes, wrecks and any plot of land to discover a host of rewards.

Experience does not only increase with quest resolution. Killing an enemy, unlocking a door, hacking a terminal, stealing also brings experience.

Fallout 3 is not just a simple game of violence, diplomacy exercises an important activity in this amoral world. Sacrifice a few skill points to increase your speech ability. You can gain a lot of experience and new quests by convincing the inhabitants with your oratory gift.

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