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This part of the Fallout 4 Walkthrough is dedicated to the Brotherhood of Steel quest "No Quarter". For your first mission as a Knight, Elder Maxson orders you to retake Fort Strong.

Activation: Automatic

Condition: Complete the quest ā€œIn serviceā€

Rewards: 381Xp + Vertibird Smoke Beacon


Climb aboard the Prydwen and talk to Elder Maxson to receive new mission objectives (picture1). At the end of the dialogue, reach the flight deck and board a Vertibird, it will then be a question of killing the Super Mutant Behemoth in order to allow the aircraft to land (picture2).

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Once on the ground, do not leave the device right away, rather take advantage of its firepower to clean up the area (picture3). Once you get rid of the intruders, go to the quest marker and enter the reserve (picture4).

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Once inside, clean the area before taking the elevator to the lower floor (picture5). At the bottom, eliminate all the super mutants before talking with the Paladin Dance (picture6). Then simply return to Maxson to complete the quest and collect your bounty.

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