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In this part of the soluce Fallout 76 Wastelanders, we are going to reveal the complete progress of the main quest All that glitters.

Now that you have saved Penelope, go back to the basement of Freddy's haunted house (pictures1and2). Talk to Paige (picture3).

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Follow the tunnel, eliminating the various enemies (pictures4and5), until you reach the Master Vein (picture6).

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Speak with the Master Vein and force him to complete his mission. Then eliminate all the robots in the entrance area (picture7). Then wait for Jen to pass the laser grid (picture8), and repel the robots that will attack (picture9).

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After the fight, pass the laser grid (picture10) and chat with Penelope (picture11). Tell him to go back to Foundation.

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Now follow Radcliff (picture12), then move forward into the shelter by destroying the turrets and robots (picture13). You eventually reach the secure section of Vault 79 (picture14), and this quest ends. The final main quest Secrets Revealed begins.

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