Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Level Up Fast

11th method: Using crystals and crystal fragments

Here is the first method to gain experience quickly in Fire Emblem Heroes : use crystals. For example, by participating in battles in the training tower, you get crystals and crystal fragments of 5 types: red, blue, green, gray and golden. To use the crystals, enter the “Allies” tab, then choose “Gain Experience” (picture1).

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Red shards and crystals should be used on red units (Blademaster and Fire Magic).
Blue shards and crystals should be used on blue units (Lancer and Lightning Magic).
Green shards and crystals must be used on green units (Axe Fighter and Wind Magic).
Gray shards and crystals must be used on gray units (ranged weapon, staff and bow).
Golden shards and crystals can be used on all units.

Every day, one type of shard and crystal is obtainable in the training tower. Here is their order of appearance:

Tuesday The red fragments and crystals
Wednesday The blue fragments and crystals
Thursday Green Shards and Crystals
Friday Gray fragments and crystals
Saturday Golden Fragments and Crystals
Sunday Golden Fragments and Crystals

For more information on using crystals, see our Getting Started in Fire Emblem Heroes tutorial.

22nd method: Increase the % of experience gained permanently

This method is to be carried out as early as possible in your game. Get 26 orbs by completing a few scenario missions, enter the “HQ” tab and press the castle icon at the top right of the screen (picture2).

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You then access the upgrade page of your HQ (picture3). Spend your 26 orbs to upgrade the HQ to the maximum. Thus, you will earn 100% more experience points. If you don't have enough orbs, here's a chart showing how much experience you gain versus orbs spent:

3 picture

improvements Orb Cost Gain experience
Enlightened 1 20%
Renovated 3 40%
Decorated 5 60%
Ornate 8 80%
Royal 10 100%

33rd method: The fights in the training tower

Last method to gain experience, participate in training fights in the training tower. To access it, go to the “Combat” tab and choose “Training” (picture4).

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However, these practice fights are only interesting for low level characters. Indeed, if a unit has a level that is too high, it will not gain any experience points.

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