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To unlock all these characters followers of the ā€œhide and seekā€ attitude, follow our advice:

ON : Complete Story Mode with Hitomi

GEN FU : Complete Story Mode with Eliot

LEON : Complete Story Mode with Zack

SPARTAN-458 : Complete Story Mode with Helena

TENGU : Complete Time attack mode with all the characters in the game


To unlock all suits, you have to overcome the modes History (Basic characters) and "Time attack" (Bonus characters) by changing the outfits of your characters to unlock the following costumes. Suffice to say that this trick is aimed more at the most seasoned players among us!

AYANA : 4 costumes to unlock

BASS : 2 costumes

BAYMAN : 1 costume

brad wong : 1 costume

CHRISTIE : 2 costumes

ON : 2 costumes

ELLIOT : 2 costumes

GENFU : 2 costumes

HAYABUSA : 2 costumes

HAYATE : 2 costumes

HELENA : 3 costumes

HITOMI : 6 costumes

JANN LEE : 2 costumes

PROFIT : 5 costumes

KOKORO : 5 costumes

THE BUTTERFLY : 3 costumes

LEIFANG : 5 costumes

LEON : 2 costumes

SPARTAN-458 : 5 costumes

TINA : 3 costumes

ZACK : 2 costumes


BIOLAB CORE : Complete Story Mode at least once.

NASSAU STATION : Unlock Spartan Character 458 (i.e. finish Story Mode with Helena).

TATAMI: Complete Story Mode with all starting characters + unlock all costumes and voices.


To modify the clothing appearance of your characters, follow these tips when selecting:


Loose Hair: Press A

Ponytail: press X or Y

Braids: press start


Loose Hair: Press A

Ponytail: press X or Y

Braids: press start


Dark Glasses: press Y

Red Glasses: Left Stick + Y

White Glasses: Right Stick + Y

Pink Glasses: RT + Y

Brown Glasses: LT + Y

Silver Glasses: LB + RB + Y

Golden Glasses: LT + RT + Y


No mask: Y (costume 1, 2, 3 and 5)

Masque : Y (costume 4)


Brown Hair: A or Start

Blonde Hair: X or Y


End it mode Sparring with each of the characters to unlock all the voices. When the job is done, Alpha-152's beautiful, vibrant voice will then become available. So is not life beautiful ?

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