Don't make me beg

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Philippe Gloaguen
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Obtain: Melissa at the Great Khans Camp

Offer your services to Melissa at the Great Khans camp west of Quarry Junction to get this quest (Picture 1-2). The young woman will then ask you to find a suitcase containing drugs for sale. To retrieve this suitcase, go to Sloan and go upstairs to the main building (Image 3).

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Unfortunately, the suitcase is empty, get out of the building and ask Chomp Lewis about it (Picture 4). You will learn that a certain Tyrone is trying to grease his paw on the backs of the Khans and their dope deliveries. Go to the NCR camp in Primm to talk a bit with this Tyrone and convince him to give you the goods (Picture 5). All you have to do is go back to Melissa to end this quest (Picture 6).

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Alternate outcome: Kill Tyrone to recover the goods

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