Wrongfully accused

In this part of the solution Fallout 76, we will focus on the progress of the Falsely Accused side quest.

To start this quest, eliminate a Marshall from the prison and pick up an arrest warrant (picture1). These robots appear regularly near the Eastern Region Penitentiary (picture2).

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As soon as you read the arrest warrant, the quest begins. Enter the main building of the penitentiary in the eastern region (picture3). Climb the stairs and talk to the director (picture4).

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Now follow the marker to reach cell block A (picture5). Enter the security post on the upper floor of the block (pictures6and7).

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Use the terminal (picture8) and activate the turrets (picture9).

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Exit through the north door to reach cell block B (picture10). Move forward on the catwalk and go down through the hole in the cell (picture11).

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11 picture

Pick up the penitentiary key on the desk (picture12), then activate the turrets using the terminal (picture13). To help you fight the ghouls in this block, you can also activate a Protectron if you wish.

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Now enter the cafeteria (picture14), then exit into the prison yard (picture15).

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Cross the courtyard and enter cell block D (picture16). Enter the security room of this block (picture17) and activate the turrets using the terminal (picture18).

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Follow the last marker to reach cell block C (picture19). Enter the security room using the penitentiary key (picture20), then activate the turrets of this block (picture21).

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You can now come back to the director of the penitentiary to end this quest, and receive the Civil Unrest shotgun (picture22).

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