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This part of the Guide Fallout 4 is dedicated to the Institute's quest "Stuck in Place". You must defuse the situation between a researcher and a potential new recruit to the Institute.

Activation: Automatic

Condition: Complete the ā€œMass fusionā€ quest

Rewards: 749Xp


After your return from Mass Fusion, visit Father to receive new quest objectives (picture1). Under the terms of the dialogue with the latter, go to the point indicated on the map and discuss with the Militiamen. During this dialogue, convince the soldier that it is a misunderstanding or simply force him to obey his general to resolve the situation smoothly (picture2).

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Once this is done, enter the house and chat with Enrico, then engage in dialogue with Wallace and persuade him to join the Institute (picture3). From then on, you can speak with Enrico to complete the quest and receive your reward (picture4).

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Alternative sequences:

- If you have not made contact with the Minutemen, you will have to face Gunners outside the house

- Participate in the attack on the house with the Militiamen. As a result, the Institute will become hostile to you

- Kill the Minutemen outside the house

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