Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2021 May Day Maze Walkthrough

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May Day is here in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and just like last year, there's a May Day maze to discover.

The May Day 1 maze is completely different from the 2021 maze, and the rewards are also a bit different. If you complete the entire maze, you'll receive nine Bell Coupons (2020 Bells), along with what could be a photo of Rover, if the dataminers are to believe.

The Bell vouchers you receive in the maze will be mailed to you, but no one has confirmed the exact reward Rover is sending you. Although he promises to send you something.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Enter the May Day Maze

During the first launch of the game of the day, Isabelle will tell you about the May Day maze. Just go to the airport and talk to Orville, then select "I want to fly!" and use the May Day Ticket to travel to Labyrinth Island.

Now is the time to use that noggin!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2021 May Day Maze Walkthrough

Once you exit the plane and are done with the banter, head straight north and pick up the shovel lying on the ground.

Use the shovel to dig up the shrub just to the right and grab the fruit.

Grab the two woods right in front of you, then head to the right, jumping over the single water tile to pick up two more fruits. (Fruit not pictured, grab it before I take the screenshot. Oops!)

Turn around and go all the way west until you reach a shrub. Dig the shrub and jump over the water tile to pick up the softwood. The recipe here is to make a ladder, in case you don't have it.

Eat a fruit and use the shovel to break the rock above you. Continue along the path (mentally noting the workbench to the north) to pick up two more softwoods, then eat an apple and dig up the adjacent tree.

From there, drop down and pick up two more fruits. Then take a full turn to get to the east side of the island again and jump over that first water tile.

Now eat a fruit, break the rock, then eat another fruit to dig up the tree and collect the hardwood, then jump north on the water tile, eat a fruit and dig up the tree that is on your path.

In this area, collect both the wood (you can see how they are hidden in the image below) as well as the fruit.

Go back to the beginning of this part and jump over the water tile separating the square-shaped section to pick up the softwood.

Now go back to how you came and head to the west side of the maze, jumping from the water if necessary, to return to the workbench you made a mental note of earlier.

Eat a fruit and smash the rock to the north to pick up the two leafy trees waiting to be taken, then use the workbench to craft a ladder.

Go just south and use the ladder to climb the high ground and pick up the worn axe. Do NOT use the Worn Ax to touch anything yet.

Time to head east again, back to this area with three different trails and this square section.

Cross the middle path and jump to the other side. Use the worn ax to hit the tree three times to cut it down, then use the shovel to dig it up.

Use the ladder to climb onto the small raised spot and pick up the two fruits, then dig up the shrub and climb down the other side.

You are back on the west side of the island like this. Jump over the water tile to head north. Eat two fruits and cut down the two trees.

Go south of the tree pictured above and use the ladder to climb the high ground and grab the three fruits. Then go down the other side and dig up the shrub to continue east.

It's time to take out that tree to the north that you see in the image below.

Approach the square section like in the picture, circle the bush in the middle and head up to jump on the three water tracks one by one. Then eat a fruit and dig it up.

Use your trusty ladder again to climb the board and talk to Rover, finally completing the main part of the maze.

Now go down the left side of the plateau and dig up the shrub in front of you to get four good Bells.

Go north then west outside the main maze area until you reach a rock. Eat a fruit and break the rock to pick up two more fruits.

Climb up to exit this small section, then exit the edge of the maze and head south until you encounter three rocks blocking your way to five more Bell Vouchers.

Eat three fruits and break each rock, and you'll have completed the May Day 1 maze in its entirety! Just dig up the shrubs right there under that place to get back to the plane and go home.

It wasn't so bad now, was it? And you have some Bell vouchers and maybe even a Rover picture in the mail, be patient.

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