Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cheats – Item Dupes and Money Glitch!

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We take a look at the item glitches, cheats, and dupes you can do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! If you're a fan of designing your village a certain way, or don't want to wait for certain seasons and times to collect things, these tips will help you get what you need.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cheats

Here's a look at some of the possible cheats for New Horizons that we currently know about. Use them at your own risk! While it's highly doubtful that you'll lose your account or anything, it's possible that changing dates could potentially mess up events or have unforeseen issues. If you want cheats that don't use cheats, check out our Bells Guide.

time skip

One of the easiest tricks/tricks you can do is to manipulate the time on your Nintendo Switch. In Animal Crossing, each day is played out in real time. So once you've collected everything there is to collect and earned all your double Nook Points (check out our daily AC: New Horizons checklist), there's not much left to do this that day. You might also run into the problem of not being able to play during certain times. If you can only play at night, you will only live at night in the game! So what are you doing? Well, you can change the date and time on your Switch and it will change the time and date in your game! Here's how:

  • Save your game and close Animal Crossing
  • Go to your system settings
  • Select date and time
  • Disable clock synchronization over the Internet
  • Change the date and time whenever you want!

You can now enter the game and it will be time to set it up on your Nintendo Switch! You can consider working hours like 7 a.m., 12 p.m. for noon, and after 19 p.m. for the night. This is usually the appearance of different insects and fish. If you change the date, you can switch to spring, summer, fall or winter to find different varieties of these things too!

Duplication d'articles

A duplicate item problem has been found! However, this only works for placed items, not items that can simply be deleted. You will need a second controller and a profile for this, but the basic method is to place an item on a cardboard box or a surface that items can be placed on. Place the item you want to trick into it (must be placed, not dropped), such as the Nintendo Switch you receive in the mail for example. Have a player rotate the box/surface and you can repeatedly grab the item that was placed over and over again. Fill your inventory with these and sell them for any bells you can possibly hold or use the cloned item to decorate your island!

You may be able to remove it yourself if you have the second controller and an additional profile. You'd like to need to handle the controllers a bit, but I imagine that wouldn't be too hard to do.

Here is a video of the glitch in action:

Nook Stop Interest Issue

This method uses the time skipping problem we described earlier. At your peril! As far as I know, there is nothing bad that will happen with your game, but it's early in discovering these cheats.

At the start of the game, you will have the option of depositing Bells at the Nook Stop. Access the ABD selection here and you can deposit some into your savings. Put a large amount in your account, then save and exit your game. Go to your Nintendo Switch console settings and scroll down to System. Select the date and time and deactivate "Synchronize the clock over the Internet" if you have activated it. Go to the Date and Time option and move your years to the maximum (2060). Strike well and resume your game. If you go back to the Nook Stop, you'll notice your bell amount has increased significantly! You can now save and return the years to normal. Return to the game and you will see that the bell amount remains as the total increase. Repeat this process as many times as you want to keep getting rich quick!

That's all the cheats and glitches we know about in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! We'll add more if they're discovered, so check back soon.

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