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It's time to try to find one of the most exciting fish in the sea! We take a look at the best methods for catching a blue marlin in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you're someone who wants to check every part of your Critterpedia, then you're going to need to know how to locate one of these sword-nosed fish!

How to Catch a Blue Marlin

First, let's take a look at the Blue Marlin Critterpedia information, because it's essential to know when you can actually catch this thing. It only appears at certain times of the year, so don't go fishing unless you fall in the specific months when it's available.

  • Northern Hemisphere: July – September and November – April
  • Southern Hemisphere: January – March and May – November
  • Active hours: all day
  • Shade: the largest
  • Location: Pier
  • Price: 10000 Bells

The Blue Marlin can only be found off a pier, which is near the airport or in the other docks area of ​​your island. One can also be located near the plane when you arrive at a mysterious island. Here's a look at the Blue Marlin's shade, it's significantly larger than your typical bass:

Credit to rinimt for the image. There are a few methods I use to catch rare fish, so you can choose which one to take advantage of:

Mystery Island Method

Fish spawn faster on Mystery Islands, so scare the fish you don't want to spawn more. Once you've scared a bunch of them, head back to the pier and look for a spawn of fish. If it's not a big shadow, scare it away and repeat the process. You'll want to do this until you come across the Blue Marlin. Fish aren't always easy to scare, so here are some ways to do it:

  • Sprint (hold button B) and run along the river to scare them away
  • Pole vault across the river near the fish
  • Launch yourself towards a fish, make it bite and reel it in without catching the fish. It scares away the fish you need to bite and other fish nearby!

There's also a mystery island that only spawns big fish, so if you come across this one, it's wise to try and catch some of those rarer fish like blue marlin, tuna, and sea bass. sturgeon.

Fish bait / hard resets

If you don't want to spend Nook Miles, you can always prepare Fish bait. Once you have the bait, head to the pier and scatter it in the water. You'll get a guaranteed fish spawn, however, it won't always be the fish you want. So if the shadow isn't the right size, just add more bait. Repeat until you get the one you want!

If you don't want to continue breeding Fish bait, you can use the reset method to make things easier. What you need to do is pick up 10 fish bait and then go to the pier. Wait for your game to autosave, look at the top right of the screen for the spinning point icon. Once that happens, start casting the bait in the water and look for a blue marlin-sized shadow. Cast to anything that fits the size! If you don't catch any, press the Home button on your controller and completely close Animal Crossing. You have about three minutes between autosaves, so be sure to reset before the next save (if you see the autosave indicator, DO NOT close the game or your save could be corrupted)! This will take you back to where you saved earlier and you will have all your bait. Repeat this method until you catch the Blue Marlin!

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