A heart to take

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Catherine Le Nevez
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Obtain: Frank Weathers at Aerotech's Office Park / Mrs. Weathers at Cottonwood Cove

Note: If the "Give Back to Caesar" quest is active, you will not be able to redeem the Weathers family until you have met Caesar for the first time.

Speak with Frank Weathers at the Aerotech Office Park to learn that his family has been enslaved (Picture 1-2). Agree to help him then go to Cottonwood Cove to meet his family (Picture 3).

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Image 2

Image 3

To free them, you must speak to Canyon Runner and offer to buy back the 3 slaves (Image 4). Tell Mrs. Weathers the good news (Picture 5) then go back to Frank to explain the situation (Picture 6). With a little persuasion, you can convince him to improve and the quest will end.

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Alternative outcomes:

Eliminate all Legion men in Cottonwood Cove

Convince Frank Weathers to kill himself

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