Various manufacturing

This walkthrough page Minecraft gathers all recipes de various manufacturing. These are interesting and very useful elements in your adventure.


  • Description: Allows you to locate yourself from afar in the nature of Minecraft and provides positive effects to the player
  • Recipe: 3 Obsidian Blocks + 1 Nether Star + 5 Glass Blocks


  • Description: Allows you to collect milk, water and lava
  • Recipe: 3 iron ingots


  • Description: same effect as the lighter, lights fires
  • Recipe: 1 Gunpowder + 1 Charcoal + 1 Blaze Powder

Blank card

  • Description: empty map, just waiting to be filled by your exploration
  • Recipe: 8 papers + 1 compass


  • Description: allows you to find your way around the world of Minecraft
  • Recipe: 8 papers + 1 card


  • Description: used to create books
  • Recipe: 3 candy canes


  • Description: Used to create libraries.
  • Recipe: leather + 3 papers

book and quill

  • Description: Write a book.
  • Recipe: book + quill + ink pouch

written book

  • Description: Represents a book you wrote about that is no longer editable
  • Recipe: book and quill + written book

firework star

  • Description: used to create fireworks
  • Recipe: 1 gunpowder + 1 dye

firework rocket

  • Description: used to create fireworks
  • Recipe: 1 paper + 1 gunpowder or by adding 1 firework star

Void Eye

  • Description: Used to find and activate portal frames to access Ender, the final biome in Minecraft
  • Recipe: Incendiary Powder + Nether Pearl
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