Chapter 5

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After exiting Soren's room, you'll need to fight your way out in order to avoid the Endermen Horde. The rest of our complete solution dedicated to Minecraft Story Mode will explain how to do it. First, go to the first fountain and perform the requested QTE... (pictures1and2)

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The Endermen hate water, which will allow you to move towards the second fountain (picture3), destroy it with a new QTE, and leave Soren鈥檚 house (picture4). Here you will have to move forward to the bridge. This is where you will have to destroy the barriers of the bridge to jump into the water (picture5).

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After a new cutscene, engage the mechanism to raise the water in the area (picture7). Move north (picture8) then save Gabriel or Petra according to your previous choices (picture9). You will then arrive in a new place where you will have to face zombies. To do so, move forward and press at the right time to hit the Zombie with your sword or your bow (picture10).

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Once the fight is over, activate the mechanism on the wall to make Golems appear that will kill all enemies in the area (picture11). You will have to search the two chests to recover the ingredients needed to build Soren's bomb. The first chest will be on your right... (picture12)

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... Then go to the very back of the room and open the chest on the left as shown in the picture below (picture13). All you have to do then is press the button to the right of the second chest to make Karts appear, taking you directly to the last chapter of Episode 3 of Minecraft Story Mode (picture14).

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