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This page of the guide Minecraft is devoted to the biome extreme hills. We will see his characteristics, as well as the different resources et animals that it contains.

This Minecraft biome is easily recognizable by its dark green grass and tall mountains. There are several interests in coming to risk your life in this biome, where the slightest fall can be fatal. Some versions of extreme hills feature expanses of SNOW.

You can find some trees here, so it's a rather interesting place since you can create tools if necessary. In addition, this biome is rich in flowers to make dyes.

To feed in this biome, you can hunt the mouton, rabbit or cochon. You won't starve here.

But the real interest of this Minecraft biome is its richness in emeralds : dig between layers 4 and 32 to find some. But be careful, it is also here that you can come across infested blocks : by destroying them, silver fish will come to attack you. Finally, the extreme hills have a very large number of caves, if you want to go caving, this is the place to come.

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