How does enchantment work?

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L'enchantment allows you to place effects on your tools, poor et armor. We will see on this page of our walkthrough dedicated to Minecraft the basics of enchantment.

There are several ways to perform enchantments: 

  • With an enchantment table
  • By combining two enchanted items via an anvil
  • Using an enchanted book on an anvil
  • By buying an enchantment from a priest

Check out our Crafting Alchemy and Enchantment Materials page to learn how to craft an enchantment table in Minecraft.

Method 1: Enchantment Table

By interacting with the enchantment table, you open a menu (image1). Place the item you want to enchant in the left box (image2).

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Then place one to three lapis lazuli gems in the right box, to unlock enchantment lines one to three respectively (image3). If you have enough experience points, click on the enchantment that interests you on the right to apply it to your item.

3 picture

By surrounding your enchantment table with bookcases (and leaving a block free between the table and the bookcases), you increase the level of enchantments (image4).

4 picture

Method 2: Enchantment via an anvil

In Minecraft, with an anvil, you can combine the enchantments of two items for experience points. Simply place your two items in the left two boxes of the anvil menu and collect the result (image5et6).

5 picture

6 picture

Attention, the combined objects must be of the same type (sword, pickaxe,...) and of the same material (diamond, gold,...).

Method 3: Enchantment via Anvil and Enchantment Book

If you get your hands on an enchantment book, place it, along with the item you want enchanted, in the left two slots of the anvil menu (image7et8). You then get your enchanted item.

7 picture

8 picture

Method 4: Enchant with a Priest

By conversing with a priest, you have a low probability that the latter offers you to enchant an object. So place the item and the emeralds it asks for to get your enchanted item.

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