Enter Ender

Enter the Ender, the last area of ​​the game, is a bit more difficult than entering the Nether. Let's see, on this page of our guide to Minecraft, How to do it.

First of all, you will have to locate an air portal, necessary to enter this dimension. For this you need to be equipped with multiple Eyes of Ender, obtained by combining a Void Pearl and Fire/Blaze Powder (image1) : see the All Minecraft Recipes section for more details. Plan to have at least 12 on you at all times.

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Equipped with these items, right-click to cast an eye, and follow its trajectory (image2). When the eye sinks into the ground, it means the air portal is just below. (image3).

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Then use one of our 5 methods to descend into the depths of Minecraft to discover a dungeon in which the portal is located (image4). Then place the missing eyes at the gate frame to activate it (image5).

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Finally go through to access the End (image6), where Endermen await you and the final boss of Minecraft: the ender dragon.

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