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On this page of the wiki of Minecraft, we are going to gather the information concerning the Various objects. These objects have all kinds ofutility, and we offer you some of them, as well as how to get them.


How to get it: by crafting

Utility: emits a beam of light to serve as a marker and provides positive effects to the player


How to get it: by crafting

Utility: allows you to recover liquids (water, milk and lava)

Bucket of water

How to get: by using a bucket on a body of water in the Minecraft world (lake, river, ocean)

Utility: Create your own bodies of water, put out fires or harden lava

bucket of lava

How to get: by using a bucket on a lava lake or river

Utility: allows you to create your own lava expanses

The snowball

How to get: by using a shovel on snow or on a block of snow

Utility: projectile to knock enemies back

bucket of milk

How to get: by using a bucket on a cow or a mooshroom

Usefulness: allows you to cook cakes, cure poisoning, intoxication or the effects of a potion


How to get it: by crafting, from candy cane found near bodies of water in Minecraft

Use: used to make books and maps


How to obtain: By crafting, from paper and leather

Usefulness: used to craft bookcases, enchantment tables and books with a quill

slime ball

How to get it: by killing small Slimes

Usefulness: Used to craft Sticky Pistons, Leashes, and Magma Cream


How to get it: by killing a skeleton

Utility: used to tame wolves and make bone meal

Nether Pearl

How to get it: by killing an enderman

Usefulness: Allows the player to be teleported while using it and is used to create a Void Eye

Nether Eye

How to Obtain: By crafting, from Nether Pearl and Firepowder, or from a Priest

Usefulness: Used to craft Void Chests, find Keeps, and activate Air Portals hidden in Minecraft's dungeons

creature egg

How to get: only available in creative mode

Utility: Spawns a creature

Vial of experience

How to get it: from the priests in the villages

Utility: gives 3 and 11 experience points


How to Obtain: Crafting from Gunpowder, Charcoal, and Firepowder

Utility: used to ignite as for lighters

book and quill

How to obtain: crafting from blank book, ink, and quill

Usefulness: the player can write information on it

Blank card

How to obtain: by crafting, by combining paper and a compass

Usefulness: allows you to find your way around the world

firework star

How to get: By crafting, by combining gunpowder, dye and various items

Use: used to craft a firework rocket


How to get it: picked up when a creeper is killed by a skeleton, or from chests in dungeons

Usefulness: put in a jukebox, it allows you to play music

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