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Passing through the Nether portal that you created in the normal world of Minecraft, you show another portal at the corresponding location in the Nether (image1et2), and vice versa. Make sure you are well equipped before going there, with good weapons, good armor, food and a bucket of water.

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What you need to know is that the Nether is like a "reflection" of the normal Minecraft world, but 8 times smaller, much more dangerous and much less welcoming (image3). Knowing this, you can use the Nether to cover a longer distance on the surface through the Netherlands.

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So visit this place by bringing with you blocks of obsidian and a lighter. Walk around this gloomy place covering a good distance, then build a new portal (image4). You then come out in the corresponding area, 8 times further than your point of origin (image5).

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Since ghasts, fire-breathing creatures, can disable portals in the Nether, build a protective wall around your portal to avoid unpleasant surprises (image6).

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Other information :

  • Don't use beds in the Nether, as the Nether will explode, dealing heavy damage to you.
  • To find out what resources can be found in this location, see our Nether Blocks page.
  • To learn all about the creatures that live here, check out our Enemies article.
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