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natural blocks


This block can be found near water sources surrounded by sand. The best tool to mine it is the shovel. monster generator

This block where monsters spring from is found in dungeons, forts, mines, and ruins. Each block is specific to a particular monster (it appears in miniature in this block). Ice

A block of ice water that is very common in snow biomes. The best tool to extract it is the pickaxe. Bedrock

It is an unbreakable block that covers the bottoms of the lower layers of the cards. It therefore cannot be mined in survival mode. Gravel

This sub block is usually found underground or underwater. This block has gravity and falls if you dig under it. The best tool to mine it is the shovel. Gr猫s

This block is usually found under the layers of sand although it can be on the surface occasionally. You can get several kinds of sandstone by combining the blocks together. You will then have engraved sandstone and polished sandstone. Mycelium

This block is found in the mushroom biomes. The layer of mycelium covers the blocks allowing only mushrooms of all kinds to grow on it. A diamond shovel is the ideal tool for mining it. Snow

Snow is a very common block modifier in snowy biomes. The layer of snow is placed on the other blocks and also has gravity. Use the shovel to collect snowballs which when combined give you snow blocks. Obsidian

This is a rare block. It is the result of a waterfall in contact with motionless lava. When the lava cools with the water, you must use a diamond pickaxe to mine it. Pierre

This block is easily found in most biomes. It is also easy to mine although a pickaxe is the perfect tool to do so. cracked stone

It is a block reserved for the creation mode of Minecraft. mossy stone

It is a block of stone covered with moss. This block is found in Ruins and Dungeons and is mined with a pickaxe. carved stone

This block of stone has patterns on it and is found in jungle temples. mossy hewn stone

This block is also reserved for the creation mode of Minecraft. Roche

This block is found underground and it is the most answered block in the Mincraft universe. The best tool to mine it is the pickaxe. Sand

The sand block can be found in the desert or near water sources or beaches. The sand block obeys the law of gravity and falls if you dig under it. The shovel is the best tool for mining sand. Earth

This block can be found in most biomes. In the sunlight, the block is covered with grass. The best tool to mine it is the shovel. Spider web

This block is in the abandoned mines where the blue spider dungeons are. Use the shears to mine these blocks. Crafted Blocks

iron bars

This block is crafted with six iron ingots. They are usually found in forts and NPC villages. You can pick up an item through the bars. The pickaxe is the best tool to use with these rungs. Fence

The barrier is made from six wooden sticks. A good solution against monsters to keep them away from your residence. They are easily destroyed with an axe. Library

The library block is made with six boards and three books. It is a decoration block. Block Clay Brick

This block is made with four clay bricks, themselves obtained by cooking clay. This block is used to make dwellings and has the particularity of not catching fire. Use a pickaxe to destroy this block. Diamond Block

The diamond block is made from 9 gems. This block is mainly used for decoration and storage of gems. Use an iron pickaxe or a diamond with this block. Iron block

This block is obtained from 9 iron ingots. It is more for storing iron ingots. Use a pickaxe to destroy it. Lapis-lazuli block

This block is made from 9 Lapis lazuli dyes. It is used for the construction or storage of the dye. Use a pickaxe to destroy it. block of snow

Four snowballs form a block of snow. Use for construction in snowy biomes. Use the shovel to destroy it. emerald block

This block does not occur naturally but is crafted from 9 emeralds. Bloc d鈥檕r

This block does not spawn naturally except in creative mode, but is crafted from 9 gold bars. lantern pumpkin

These blocks are made by combining a pumpkin with a torch. They represent an excellent source of light even under water. from

Slabs are constructed from three blocks. They are lower in height compared to the blocks. SCALE

The ladder is made from 7 sticks, placing them in an H shape on a workbench. Staircase

Place 6 stair-shaped blocks on the workbench to craft a stair. Wool

You get a block by shearing sheep with shears. You can also dye them in several colors. chipped stone

The carved stone block is obtained by combining four blocks of rock. Board

The boards are made from the wooden blocks. plowed land

This block is similar to dirt blocks but is plowed and therefore ready for planting. Glass

The glass block is worked on fire by melting the sand. It is used to make glass and other window accessories. Vitre

It is made from 6 blocks of glass. It serves as a window in the houses.

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