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This section of the wiki of Minecraft regroup all recipes to create mechanisms.


  • Description: In Minecraft, doors prevent monsters from entering your house. Wooden doors can be opened with a right click or a redstone signal. The iron doors only open with a signal from Redstone.
  • Recipe: 6 iron planks or ingots


  • Description: The trapdoor activates with a click or a redstone signal.
  • Recipe: 6 planks

pressure plate

  • Description: can be triggered by the player or Minecraft creatures, this has the effect of sending an electrical signal and can therefore perfectly serve as a trap.
  • Recipe: 2 planks or rocks


  • Description: Sends an electrical signal and stays on for one second. He can also be activated by shooting him with an arrow.
  • Recipe: 1 plank or rock

redstone torch

  • Description: sends an electrical signal in addition to being a light source.
  • Recipe: staff + redstone


  • Description: Used to send an electrical signal and trigger a mechanism.
  • Recipe: Stone Block + Staff

Tripwire Hook

  • Description: When triggered by a player or creature, it sends out an electrical signal.
  • Recipe: Plank + Staff + Iron Ingot

Musical pad

  • Description: plays a musical note depending on the block it is placed on.
  • Recipe: 8 planks + redstone


  • Description: Dispenses items from it when activated by an electrical signal. It can also shoot arrows and act as a trap.
  • Recipe: 7 stones + redstone + bow


  • Description: Serves as a repeater, delay or electrical signal amplifier.
  • Recipe: 3 rocks + redstone + 2 redstone torches


  • Description: compares redstone current strength, measures container fill rate
  • Recipe: 3 Rocks + 1 Nether Quartz + 3 Redstone Torches


  • Description: Used to push blocks.
  • Recipe: 4 rocks + 3 planks + gold ingot + redstone

sticky piston

  • Description: Used to push blocks and pull them.
  • Recipe: Piston + Gooball


  • Description: Allows you to explode surfaces in the Minecraft world
  • Recipe: 4 blocks of sand + 5 gunpowder

reststone lamp

  • Description: illuminates
  • Recipe: 1 luminous stone + 4 redstones

Weighted pressure plate

  • Description: activates when a monster or player passes
  • Recipe: 2 iron or gold ingots

daylight sensor

  • Description: emits an electric current during the day
  • Recipe: 3 glass blocks + 3 Nether quartz + 3 wooden slabs

Redstone block

  • Description: decorative block
  • Recipe: 9 redstones


  • Description: Pick up all nearby items
  • Recipe: 5 Iron Ingots + 1 Chest


  • Description: distributes the objects contained inside
  • Recipe: 7 stone blocks + 1 redstone
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