Snokido Among Us, how to play the game for free?

Our articles on Among Us Snokido Among Us, how to play the game for free? A Among Us fan game allows you to play solo for free on the Snokido site.

The popular game Among Us is now playable solo and for free. Indeed, a fan game now allows you to have a few solo games!

Available on the site Snokido in flash version, you play as an impostor having to kill all the crewmates without being detected.

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Snokido, how to play Among Us solo?

To play the fan-made Among Us solo and for free, simply go to the Snokido site hosting a fan version of the Innersloth game.

>> Play Snokido, Among Us' free solo fan-made game <

Once the game is launched, you can customize your game, including:

  • your character name
  • his color
  • his hat
  • the choice of the map (currently only The Skeld and a shrunken version of Polus are available)
  • your movement speed
  • the number of total tasks
  • your cooldown between two kills

Note that your settings are reset between each game, so remember to set up your game again if you want to start a game again.

How is a game of Snokido played?

Once the configuration of your game is done and you have pressed "play", the crewmates will simply chain the tasks. Beware if you decide to kill in front of others: this will sign your defeat.

You can use the ventilations arranged on the map to flee, and a reduced number of sabotages (two per map) will be offered to you. When a body is found the alert will sound, and if you haven't been seen at the crime scene a random crewmate will then be kicked out. The process will repeat until, like in the original game, there is only one crewmate left or you get kicked out.

Don't forget that on the original game, The Airship map is now available for all your future games

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