Among Us: Beginner's guide and tips to start your game off right

Our articles on Among Us Among Us: Beginner's guide and tips to get your game off to a good start How to play well on Among Us? We give you some tips to get your game off to a good start.

You must not have missed the phenomenon Among Us on Twitch and YouTube. This InnerSloth game released on June 15, 2018 has been gaining momentum for a few weeks. If you are a beginner, we explain how to play a good game and start the game well.


Before turning on your game, do not hesitate to contact your friends to play with them. It's always more fun to play with people you know, especially in a game like Among Us since the information is very important!


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Roles in Among Us


In Among Us there are two types of roles:

  • the crewmates (innocents)
  • the impostors (the villains)


The crewmates are innocent people who must complete tasks that appear randomly on the map. They must complete the task bar at the top of their screen to win the game while being careful not to get killed by the impostors. To avoid being killed by the impostors, stay grouped with at least 2 or 3 of your teammates. That way, you'll have less of a chance of getting killed. When you see someone being killed, you can report the body but be careful, that does not mean that you are not the impostor.


The impostors say the bad guys see the tasks to be done but pretend not to do them so as not to increase the taskbar of the innocents. They can sabotage the tasks you have completed to reduce the progress of the crewmates. 



What to do as an impostor?


The impostors can also report bodies to remove any suspicion on them. As imposters you can go into vents to hide and go from place to place. But be careful when you kill someone see if there are no cameras, as shown in the picture.


Here is the camera on Among Us



Things to know

  • From time to time, go to the security room to see if you see someone being killed from the cameras.

  • Don't hesitate to say by message or voice that you saw a person go into a ventilation. Thus, the players will surely vote against him and you will have one less person to kill.

  • As an impostor, kill people quietly, report the body and cause trouble among the crewmates

Here is the security room on Among Us

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