Why isn't Among Us working?

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Our articles on Among Us Why Among Us is not working? Among Us will sometimes experience issues and it will be impossible to join a game. Find in this guide how to know the status of the servers.

Among Us like many other successful multiplayer games will sometimes encounter connection problems and sometimes players will feel that the game does not work.

In most cases, it will be a server failure or an overload of connections as it sometimes happens on the title of Innersloth.

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Why Among Us is not working?

Among the usual messages, you may get one informing you that You have been disconnected which is a recurring problem and you just have to log in again.

However, you can also be unable to start a game and some gamers will be looking for why Among Us is not working.

Sometimes this may be due to an update you did not do and in this case, you will therefore need to update your game to replay with your friends.

Dans d'autres cas, this is due to a problem with the servers which may be offline or overloaded due to too many players trying to connect simultaneously.

To know the status of the servers, you can go to the Downdetector website and on the page dedicated to Among Us (source), as the Innersloth game does not currently have a dedicated server status site like other titles do.

You can also go check Twitter Among Us accounts (source) and Innerslot (source) to find out if the servers might be offline due to maintenance.

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