How do I change my name on Among Us?

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Our articles on Among Us How to change name on Among Us? Wondering how to change name on Among Us since the new update? We give you the fast and effective solution.

Among Us is one of the most played games of the last year thanks in particular to the confinement. Moreover, streamers have spent a good part of the year playing on it. 

The game is coming back into vogue in part because streamers are getting back to playing. But many viwers are now wondering how to change their name with the new update? We will explain everything to you !

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Change your nickname in Among Us

First, when you launch the game, go to the menu Account on the top corner left. You will then see the icon Change name. Click on it and then you can change your nickname. You must then connect your email address if you want to keep your previously purchased items on another device. Otherwise, you can still play as a guest who will choose a name for you at random.

If you're unfamiliar with Among Us, it's time to jump on the bandwagon while the hype picks up again. In this game, there are 2 roles. That of crewmates And the one of the impostor. The purpose of crewmates is to finish tasks while the impostor try to eliminate them. It's a good multiplayer game to play with friends.

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