Among Us sheriff mode: how to install and play it?

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Our articles on Among Us Among Us sheriff mode: how to install and play it? The sheriff game mode is becoming more and more popular on Among Us! But what are the rules, and how to install it?

The success of the game Among Us does not deny. Mods are starting to appear, including the mod sheriff. This mod is based on a classic game, with ten players and two imposters, and allows crew members to have a sheriff among them. The sheriff is the only one to see his nickname in yellow.

Hidden among the crew, he can decide to kill a player he suspects of being an impostor if he is nearby. Be careful though: if he kills a crew member, he will kill himself instantly, causing the crew to lose two members at a time (including himself) and offering a much easier victory for imposters. So it's a high risk, high reward mode.

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How to install Sheriff mode for Among Us?

This mode is not available only for the PC version of the game. All players of a game must have this mode to benefit from it.

  • Go to Jon Pepler's GitHub page, and install the latest version (1.0.1).
    >>>> Download link <<<
  • Download the mod then unzip it using software such as 7Zip or Winrar.
  • You need to access the game files on Steam: go to the library, on the game Among Us, then right click on the game or on the settings, Manage, and Browse local files.

  • Copy the game files to a new folder in common from Steam, and give it whatever name you want (I recommend Among Us Sheriff Mode obviously)
  • Add them to it unzipped mod files. You should have this.

  • all you have to do is to create a shortcut to the desktop to directly allowing you to play the Sheriff mode of Among Us! To do this, perform a right click on game shortcut from the modded file, Send to, and Desktop (create shortcut). Don't forget to rename this shortcut, so as not to confuse it with the classic version of the game, which is still available via Steam.

Congratulation ! You can now enjoy the sheriff mod sur Among us !

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