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Complete Solution Alan Wake: Blank Page Anxiety... The Writer's Bane... This deep ache has been eating away at Alan Wake, a best-selling thriller writer, for over two years. To empty his mind and get closer to his wife, he agrees to go to a small isolated town in the United States: Bright Falls... But the idyllic setting will quickly sink to hell. Prisoner of his own story that he does not know he has written, Alan will have to shed light on a terrible mystery bordering on madness.

Lacking inspiration? You have to react, otherwise the conclusion of this story will be written in bloody ink... Fortunately, you can count on our complete walkthrough to water your gamer's pen and unlock all the secrets of Alan Wake. Manuscript pages, hidden chests, TV shows, radio shows, pyramids of cans, panels and other nightmare mode manuscript pages, impossible to remain unmoved by the lack of inspiration. And if you ever get tired, you can always take advantage of the thermoses of coffee scattered around the Bright Falls area.

Will this be your last work? Either way, this sounds like your worst nightmare...

In this solution, only the manuscript pages appear in the full text of the path. This approach simply favors obtaining the pages essential to the background and avoids overloading the main text. The other secrets await you in the additional sections.

Light is Alan's number one ally. If the slightest health problem arises, dash towards a light source - when possible - to grant you a brief immunity.

Be careful to save your flare ammo; these are rare and should not be wasted all the time.

Do not hesitate to think outside the box. There is a good chance that one of the 250 mystery objects is hiding in the corner of a setting.

Always keep your eyes open and illuminate the environment. You will sometimes see luminous glyphs on the walls indicating a secret cache.

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    • 1.1. Episode 1: Nightmare
    • 1.2. Episode 2: The Possessed
    • 1.3. Episode 3: The Ransom
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    • 2.1. Episode 1: Nightmare
    • 2.2. Episode 2: The Possessed
    • 2.3. Episode 3: The Ransom
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    • 3.1. Episode 1: Nightmare
    • 3.2. Episode 2: The Possessed
    • 3.3. Episode 3: The Ransom
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    • 4.1. Episode 1: Nightmare
    • 4.2. Episode 2: The Possessed
    • 4.3. Episode 3: The Ransom
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    • 5.1. Episode 1: Nightmare
    • 5.2. Episode 2: The Possessed
    • 5.3. Episode 3: The Ransom
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    • 6.1. Episode 1: Nightmare
    • 6.2. Episode 2: The Possessed
    • 6.3. Episode 3: The Ransom
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    • 7.1. Episode 1: Nightmare
    • 7.2. Episode 2: The Possessed
    • 7.3. Episode 3: The Ransom
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    • 8.1. Episode 1: Nightmare
    • 8.2. Episode 2: The Possessed
    • 8.3. Episode 3: The Ransom
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    • 9.1. Episode 1: Nightmare
    • 9.2. Episode 2: The Possessed
    • 9.3. Episode 3: The Ransom
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