On PC, Xbox Game Pass becomes PC Game Pass

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The nomenclature was starting to get confusing. Especially when addressing the uninitiated. So, to set the record straight, Microsoft has decided to properly rebrand its various subscription gaming services.

It was naturally during the Game Awards that the firm shared the news, via a short video that is reminiscent of the second degree of Devolver.

芦 Xbox Game Pass has PC Games 禄

This is news that should also make things easier for us journalists. It must be said that we were starting to get lost between the names of the different subscription services, and each time specifying "PC" to talk about a game included in the Xbox Game Pass was becoming painful.

As the video above illustrates, however, it wasn't that complicated. 鈥淗ow about renaming the PC Game Pass service? asks the rapper GaTa blandly in the sketch. " That's a great idea ! enthused the audience.

And it is now done. The PC version of Xbox Game Pass is now simply called PC Game Pass. It is always accessible against 9,99 euros per month and in particular allows you to enjoy the latest hits of the moment at no extra cost: Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 and Age of Empires IV, to name but a few. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold and access to cloud gaming, does not change its name.

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