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How to easily defeat a Morph

When confronted by a Morph, wait for it to curl up and pass under your feet. At this very moment, roll to the side, turn around and knock him out as he resumed human form. By having the right timing, you do not receive any damage. The opponent will then shoot but the force field protects you if you press the key at the right time. All you have to do is repeat the operation until he dies without having touched you once.

Written by the 29/08/2013

The stealth challenge bug

In virtual reality, if you wipe the bug blocking the stealth challenge; i.e. if you get detected without knowing why, exit the RV area and return to it to reset all challenges. The bug should go away.

Written by the 29/08/2013

Have all upgrades

You notice that when you finish the game for the first time, you are far from having eight copies of each improvement (pistol, grenades, force field, etc.). It is indeed necessary to restart the game several times to create the perfect Conrad. Consult our solution to know the location of these improvements in each of the levels

Written by the 29/08/2013

Death Tower cameras

In level 3 titled "Death Tower", it is amusing to find that it is possible to destroy the television cameras filming Conrad's progress to the top of the tower. The funniest thing is perhaps the penalty of 500 points that this misdeed causes... Oh anyway!

Written by the 23/08/2013
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