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1Start of hdv 8

You just got your hdv 8 in clash of clans. You want to have the best village possible and you don't know where to start, so follow this tutorial! 

It's fresh you're finally HDV 8, the first thing to do is to improve your laboratory to be able to improve your troops quickly and be able to earn a lot of resources during your battles! Put a worker on the job!

Then put in a worker who will build and upgrade the new defensive buildings that will make your base stronger against enemy attacks. 

A worker will take care of the mortars up to their maximum levels. Mortars with their high damage can quickly decimate a group of enemies.

Another worker will take care of your dark elixir drills up to the maximum level. This will increase your hero's level without having to farm dark elixir.

You will also need a worker to take care of your resource buildings (first the tanks and reserves and then the extractors and mines).

2hdv 8 second stage

You have finished or will soon finish step 1 of this Clash of clans guide so you can start this part. 

Now take care of the wizard towers to their maximum level. At hdv 8 you will be able to increase your wizard towers up to level 6, they will be a very powerful defense.

It is also necessary to increase the level of your clan castle, it will be a faithful friend in your attacks as for your defenses, do not neglect it! 

Also take care of the anti-aircraft, the HDV 8 village is very vulnerable to full dragon attacks.

You can up your king if your number of workers allows it. 

Hint: Do not increase a defense type with all your workers or your village will become too vulnerable. For example for this step a worker will take care of up all the wizard towers while another will up your clan castle and another will take care of the anti-aircraft defenses.

3Last step to have the best hdv 8

Your clash of clans village HDV 8 begins to be well protected, here are the last instructions to make your village on top!

Now you have to take care of your remaining defenses, start with the archer towers, the teslas with 2 workers.

Keep leveling up your Barbarian King.

If you have units left, upgrade your cannons and traps.

Hint:  In clash of clans, sometimes you will find yourself with excess gold in relation to the advance of your defenses, so you will have to keep a worker who will improve your walls with the excess gold.

If you want to find a good village shape for your hdv 8 go to Building Villages and Town Hall Strategies 8.

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