Le Deck Paladin aggro d'Hearthstone

1Aggro Paladin Deck Cards

This first part of our tutorial dedicated to the Paladin Aggro Deck. The term "Aggro" refers to attacking your opponent from the first turns and overcoming them as quickly as possible. Thanks to this deck, you will surprise the person in front of you who will not be prepared and will have to fight hard during the first turns to avoid losing all his life points. Both fun to play and original, know that this Deck will not be recommended against classes with AOE as well as Mind Control like the Priest for example.

Map Name
Blessing of Power (x2)
Silver Squire (x2)
Leper Gnome (x2)
South Seas Seaman (x2)
Rude Sergeant (x2)
Tie (x2)
Mini Armored Robot (x2)
Loot Hoarder (x1)
Iron-billed Owl (x1)
Knife Juggler (x2)
Divine favor (x2)
Battle Regiment (x2)
Hammer of Wrath (x2)
Truesilver Champion (x2)
Consecration (x2)
Horreb (x1)
Vengeful Wrath (x1)

2How to play the aggro Paladin Deck

We are now going to talk to you about the synergies between the cards and how to best play your aggro Paladin Deck intended to attack your opponent relentlessly like a Warlock or a Hunter. As you will have noticed, you will first need to have at least one Servant card with one mana crystal in your hand to play on your first turn.

Silver Squire
leper gnome
South Seas Seaman

You can then boost the bet card by giving it Blessing of Power or through the Rude Sergeant. The goal is to inflict as much damage as possible on your opponent from the first turns. Once your first card has been played, you will have to chain the small creatures. Don't forget to put down your Knife Juggler if you are lucky enough to have it on the second turn to kill its creatures and/or continue to threaten your opponent. In addition, the hammer of wrath will be a card allowing you to draw and kill its creatures in order to maintain the pressure on the board.

knife juggler
Hammer of Wrath

Finally, use your real-silver Champion weapon to attack his creatures or the opposing hero and keep your Iron-beaked Owl, allowing you to add a creature to the board and silence a card that will make you lose all your means. like an Auchenai Priestess who can kill all of your small creatures with her damage spell.

True-Silver Champion
iron-billed owl

Finally, you will have to draw cards in order to maintain the pressure. The three cards below will allow you to lay down small creatures every turn even with a bad starting hand. The big difficulty will be to quickly kill your enemy because the longer you wait, the more the outcome of the fight will be compromised.

Loot Hoarder
divine favor
Avenging Wrath

3Possible Deck Modifications

As you will have noticed, this Deck will require only one legendary card and obtained directly with the Naxxramas adventure. However, you can remove it to add a card allowing you to add synergy with your small cards like the Mechanical Gnome.

mechanical gnome
Mana Curve
Card at 0 Card at 1 Card at 2 Card at 3 Card at 4 Card at 5 Card at 6 Card at 7+
0 10 8 4 6 1 1 0

With 15 minions for 13 spells, this Deck will be very aggressive. Note that to compensate for the lack of creatures in the mid-game, you can change certain creatures to modify some patterns. The intendant can, for example, boost your passive and allow you to last longer in the mid-game, all combined with Battle regiment can do considerable damage!

battle regiment

Video of the Deck in question:

Above you will see several matches showing you how to use this strategy in ranked and unranked mode to better understand how to use your cards and their synergies.

Audio Video Le Deck Paladin aggro d'Hearthstone
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